On hearts, candies, and flowers

#MyExtensiveStudiesInBadRomance show that famous quote: “in order to love somebody else, you gotta love yourself first” is utter bull$hit. You may turn out to be a clingy, needy, pathetic lover who would quickly become a nuisance [before getting dumped] but you can hate yourself and love others – to pieces.



#MyStudiesShow that you don’t realize just how many movies were made with New York city as their background until you went to New York City without doing your research and missed out on all the fun because you are trying to figure out how to use your MetroCard and which street food vendor has the most authentic NYC fare.

On “Mexicans”

#MyStudiesShow me how Hispanics are the only major ethnic-group, other than Native Americans, Samoans and Jews, I have no problem with in this country:

Most white people look fine,

and Asian men can be pleasant…

…and now and then,

very now and then

you come across a black guy,

[an East-Indian woman

an Arab girl]

who is not totally unpleasant.

But abesheet knew,

from her ten toes to her snout…

…that she likes Hispanics the most,

without a single Habesha doubt.

[Mostly because of the movie “A better life”, Demián Bichir is a god!, and since most of Abesheet’s Hispanic co-workers were decent women – almost Habesha in their attitude, devotion, and work ethic]